About Us


There once was a time when beer was simply yellow, fizzy and alcoholic—these were dark times.

That is, until our founder and owner Andy Meyer came across his first pint of craft beer in 2004 and his fate was forever changed...is that too deep?


Andy became a craft beer fanatic overnight and once he learned of “home brewing” he knew he had to give it a go. He started with two batches of beer—brewed ’em up, waited, cracked ’em open and was hooked! Over the next few years home brewing became much bigger than a hobby in the Meyer household.

TwoDEEP Brewing Co. was founded in 2010 with home-brewing roots and passionately creative craft beer momentum.  In 2013, we rooted ourselves at 714 N Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis and opened in 2014. Ever since then we’ve been on a mission to brew passionately handcrafted beer, to cultivate an atmosphere that brings people together, and to enjoy each and every day doing so (with a beer in hand)!

We are a malt-forward brewery and TapRoom that welcomes everyone, from the drinking newbies to the craft beer crazies.  We aim to do things our way—experimenting with complex malt bills, taking our sweet time to lager beers, and conversing via movie quotes often.  Having originated from home-brew, we vow to hold true to our truest ideals and to keep constant our close connection to our beer.