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Tap into your Indy craft beer scene by hosting your next event in the TwoDEEP TapRoom! Whether you’re planning a company celebration, birthday party or fundraising event, we’ve got the space for you!

Please review the two types of events below to figure which is best for your event. Oh, and before you get too deep...(yeah) remember that our TapRoom is a 21+ only venue.

We ask that everyone fill out an event request (link at the bottom) with as much information as possible before we proceed forward. Feel free to include any and all questions, concerns or event details. 

Semi-Private Events

During your semi-private event, half of our 3,000 square-foot TapRoom will be reserved for your use while the other half remains open to the public.  Semi-private events may be booked Tuesday through Sunday during our usual TapRoom hours. The front half of the TapRoom includes the short walk-up bar, stage area, two farmhouse tables and leather couches. Your semi-private event will include the following:

  • Reservation of the front half of the TapRoom

  • Use of projector and screen (no sound)

  • Ability to market and advertise your event/organization within the TapRoom

  • Buffet table set-up or option to bring in outside caterer (optional, food cost no included)

  • Private brewery tour (optional)

Cost: Your group must meet a $500 minimum that is met via TapRoom sales. The minimum must be on a single tab. 

Please review our Event Agreement PDF for more information and event guidelines.

All events must have a credit card on file during the event. Please print and fill out our CC Authorization Form.

Private Events

Private events may be booked any day of the week and must select one of the drink packages listed below (Beer Only, Beer & Wine, or Beer, Wine & Spirits).

Private events booked on a Sunday through Thursday must have at least 80 guests; whereas private events booked on a Friday or Saturday must have at least 100 guests. We would prefer that you plan your private event to lean towards the beginning or end of our TapRoom hours (i.e. Thursday from 3pm to 6pm, Saturday from 8pm to 11pm). During your private event, the TapRoom will be closed to the public and you and your guests will have exclusive access to our space.

Rates are not inclusive of tax or gratuity. 

All rates include:

  • Exclusive access to our TapRoom space

  • Staffing fees

  • Access to in-house audio-visual equipment: projector & screen, two flatscreen TVs on the back bar, microphone, speakers, and our Pandora for Business account to set the mood

  • Private brewery tour(s) (optional)

Please review our Event Agreement PDF for more information and event guidelines. 

All events must have a credit card on file during the event. Please print and fill out our CC Authorization Form.

You're ready to fill out our Event Request Form? Well, alright then! Go ahead and click the button below. 

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